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You can find in this section questions and answers relevant to general definitions using in transmission and conveyor systems, technical information, frequently made installation mistakes, use mistakes, and many things been curious for and wrong known. You cannot find necessary information relevant to solution of the problem you have, please don’t hesitate to contact us…

Belts In General

What is Pitch?

Pitch is the length in toothed belts from top of a tooth to top of the side tooth. This length can be metric or British unit (inch).

Where is the width and length of belt?

Basically its narrow part is its width; long part is its length or perimeter.

How should I measure the length of belt?

Length of all belts does not be measured in the same way. For example while the length of toothed belt is calculated as (Pitch*Number of Teeth), the length of V belts is calculated by measuring girt from back of the belt. You can contact us for that.

How should I measure the width of belt?

You can easily measure the width of belt with the help of a caliper, however in case it may be abrasions from edges at belts worked very long time the most reliable method is to measure the width of part of pulley and gears where the belt sit.

Writings on my belt are deleted, I cannot decode the product?

You can decode your product by following various technical specifications. You can contact us for that.

What should I do at installation of belts?

Installation of belts is one of the most important factors affecting their operating life. You can benefit from our brochure for installation and storage conditions.

My belt is breaking likewise and constantly, what should I do?

If your belt is breaking constantly and likewise, there can be a problem in your system. In order to learn your problem, you can benefit from our solved problem files or on-site diagnostic service. You can contact us for that.

I got wrong my belt, can I change it?

Unfortunately at any product post sale changes do not be made definitely. Consequently, knowing your product and buying accordingly is very important.

Polyurethane Belts

There are so many different colors of polyurethane belts; does it affect power and quality of belt?

Polyurethane is a material which can be produced in desired color with pigments. The color (pigment) of product does not definitely affect the quality of product and carrying capacity. The quality of production and polyurethane material affects the quality of product.

Do colored belts paint materials in my system?

Pigments have chemically fused into structure of material and this color does not depart from the material definitely. Consequently you can use colored belts in your system.

I used colored belts but materials in my system are painted?

Such a case can only be in case starting to abrasion of belts from edges and at the same time this indicates that your system is not operating properly. If your belt narrows from edges in time while operating, pulley axis can be wrong and this wrong turns into many problems till engine burning.

What is the advantage of using colored belt?

If a problem occurs while colored PU belts are operating, eye notices the difference more quickly because of being colored of the belt. Eye can fall into illusions at white or transparent belts.

Polyurethane Timing Belts

According to Tooth Types;

Why do we need for different tooth types?

Different tooth types also bring along different strength and hold specifications. Consequently, it can be necessary to be used of belts have different tooth structure for different systems.

At machine design according to what should I choose the tooth type?

In such a case basically there is need to look strength and hold specifications of different typed belts from product catalog. If strength and hold are not very important for you, choosing of tooth form is totally relevant to corporate culture. There won’t be any difference in your using metric or British units.

According to Being Endless or Finite;

How much is hauling power of belt affected at making endless of open ended belts?

In PU timing belts, mostly cord inside carries the power. Due to that cords in the belt cannot be glued together in case of making endless of open ended belts, only PU material will carry the power. And this causes declines at maximum power resistances.

I cannot decide which attaching methods of open ended belts I will choose?

Attaching methods show differences according to place of use. You can consult us relevant to this subject.

Why confused Flex (Self Endless) belts with attached belts?

Due to attaching operation is made by thermally boiling, if not be looked carefully, the place where attachment was made cannot be found and you can cause wrong product use.

How do I distinguish the attached belts from the nonattached belts?

Find the point where cord starts at its edge from the back of your belt and start to follow inside the belt. If there is any disorder or interruption, or if you constantly revolve within the same circle and cannot get out from other side of the belt, your belt is attached. Because cords in endless belts are rolled in spiral order, and cords in open ended belts are rolled in longitudinal order.

There is coat on my belt, I cannot distinguish whether my belt is attached or not?

Turn as the part where teeth of your belt will be above. Start to follow its teeth. Usually after heat sealing operation it leaves a very slight roughening at sealing part. It can be difficult to notice that, you can contact us in such a case.

I got endless type PU Belt but I have gotten wrong, is change available?

Unfortunately change cannot be made because of that products in endless belts are cut from sleeves or are produced as special. So knowing your product and ordering accordingly are important.

According to Cord Types;

Which one is much stronger steel cords or kevlar cords?

Contrary to what is believed, kevlar cords are stronger than steel cords.

My machine is operating and I cannot distinguish there is whether kevlar cord or steel cord?

Minimum pulley diameters of kevlar cords and steel wire cords are different, so you can learn which type of belt was used in your system without stop the machine.

I cannot decide whether kevlar cord or steel cord I will use?

You can need for different cords in different systems. You can ask for help from us about this subject.

Do steel cord belts damage the system while breaking?

While steel wire belts are breaking, if it breaks from its steel wires and if there are fabric or thin belt like materials near, it can be encountered to cuttings. In such cases use of kevlar cord belts will be more beneficial.

Where stainless steel cord belts are used?

In heavy humid environments it is faced with cases where belts rust in long times. However, these cases are valid for very unusual systems. You can consult us before deciding for use stainless steel cord.

What carries power in belt if there is breaking at cords in attached endless belts?

It is true that at PU belts the cord inside carries the power however the idea of which at attached belts steel wires do not carry power is not true. If the system is operating at points that are too close to breaking powers, tensile forces can concentrate in its joints and if this tensile cannot be carried by PU material, the belt starts to break.

Polyurethane V Belts

I am using attached PU V belt and at its joints breaks frequently occur, what should I do?

If you have trouble at joints, its mean that you cannot probably catch the heat value of product which is required to be attached. You should purchase special equipment for a healthier bonding (attaching) operation. You can contact us for this.

Can I bond again the belt broke from its joint?

You can bond again the belt broke from its joint however it is necessary to clean all residues left from the previous joint. Consequently, the length of your belt will shorten a little. You can bond again and use your belt by caring that.

My belt broke from a part out of its joint; can I operate the belt with 2 different joints on it?

Operation of a belt with more than one joint on it is definitely not recommended.

Polyurethane Band Type Belts

What is “Polyurethane Band Type Belts”?

When is called PU band type belts, it is mentioned that the products produced for special uses where advantages of bands and timing belts are combined.  

What advantage Food Licensed PU band type belt provides me compared to modular bands?

Even if modular bands seem very advantageous as operating performance, they cause very significant waste of water and work hour at the cleaning stage. Moreover with sample studies it has showed up that modular bands cannot be cleaned as PU band type belts like PosiClean. You increase hygiene and retrench costs in your company by using food licensed special produced PosiClean belts.

Rubber Belts

There are so many kinds and brands in rubber belts; how do I distinguish the quality product?

Unfortunately there are products at so many kinds and brands in rubber belts. The easiest way of understanding the quality of product passes from understanding the quality of rubber.

How do I understand the quality of rubber?

Rubber product can be understood in its simplest form by smelling. There is an unpleasant and disturbing smell of products produced from bad rubber. Moreover, you can test the material by pulling it as much as possible with your both hands. A robust product should give you feeling of not stretching. Bad products stretch rubbery and you can notice this.

Does rubber belt break as waited?

Rubber is one of rare products in the world which break as waited and lose its ability. Even though various chemicals are used during production in order to extend its shelf life, the material increasingly becomes old. Consequently, be careful for shelf lives and storage conditions of products you purchased.

Rubber Timing Belts

According to Tooth Type;

Belts in tooth form I use frequently shave the teeth; what should I do?

Probably the tooth form you use cannot meet power the system hauls. You should use stronger tooth forms.

In double-sided belts how will I get the product information and order?

Product information is written in also double-sided belts, however it is deleted by teeth easily or it can be hard to read. In such a case you can order your product with information of pitch, number of tooth and tooth form.

According to Being Endless or Finite;

Rubber open ended belts can be made endless?

Due to rubber is not a thermoplastic material, only there are attaching methods with mechanic clamps; however this application is applied to very limited products.

I purchased endless type rubber belt but I got it wrong, is change available?

Unfortunately change cannot be made because of that products in endless belts are cut from sleeves. So knowing your product and ordering accordingly are important.

According to material hardness;

How can I distinguish the material hardness?

Distinguishing the belt according to material hardness is very difficult for users. Consequently, your consult to us will be beneficial for you.

How can decide in which hardness belt I will use?

There are wide ranges of products according to material hardness and choosing the right product can be very difficult for standard users. Consequently, your consult to us will be beneficial for you.

Rubber V Belts

What advantage of toothed V belts is there compared to flat V belts?

Minimum pulley diameters the toothed belts can operate are lower. Moreover, toothed V belts less remain under pressure while they are rotating in the pulley, so using toothed V belt will extend life of the belt for each system.

I live many loss of cycle in V belts; what should I do?

Losses of cycle in V belts will be lived naturally. If you want to reduce the loss of cycle, you should use Poly-V or timing belts.

Rubber Poly-V Belts

Teeth in Poly-V belts are longitudinal, how do I distinguish Poly-V belts?

Teeth of Poly-V belts are arranged as longitudinal. In the same way they depart from each other with pitch information and length information.


Tangential Belts

Tangential belt I purchased is constantly breaking from its joint?

First of all be sure about that there is not any axial dislocation in where the belt operates. If possible compare the belt breaking constantly in your hand with the original belt in your machine. You can also receive help from us.

There is not any tension share on my machine, how can I install the tangential belt?

You can install your belt of course. Tangential belts can be bonded on machine. Please call us for appointment.

Conveyor Bands

The band in our conveyor system totters after a while?

If loading conditions in your conveyor system are not suitable for operating of standard flat conveyor bands, if your system does not operate rapidly, we recommend you to use tapped conveyor bands. If the speed of your system is high, we recommend you from our band type polyurethane toothed broad belts.

When our conveyor system is loaded, engines have very difficulties in hauling the system?

In such a case you should abandon from standard conveyor bands. We recommend you from our band type polyurethane toothed broad belts.

I cannot choose which band I will use in terms of hygiene?

There is special production of conveyor bands as food licensed. We recommend you PosiClean bands which are specially produced by Gates company for food licensed systems.

Modular Bands

Cleaning of modular bands is taking too much time?

Because of intermittent structures of modular bands, their cleaning has always been hard. We recommend you PosiClean bands which are specially produced by Gates company for food licensed systems.

The strength of modular bands is very high, how strong PosiClean you recommended us?

PosiClean is a polyurethane band which is designed for operating of modular bands and food licensed special systems more effectively and includes kevlar cords within it. PosiClean has been tested and approved over difficulties in knife cuts and cleaning works. You can confidently integrate PosiClean into your systems.

Special Produced Belts

How can I believe in quality of Orhan Business at special produced belts?

Orhan Business makes production as certified by Gates Polyurethane Belts it represents in Turkey.

What should I watch out in special produced belts?

In these belts which are specially produced for your system, especially the quality of production is directly relevant to operating lives of your belts. Consequently, being sure about the production quality of products you purchased is important for you.

Coated Belts

The coated belts I purchased start to break constantly from back, their joints?

Your attached coated belts must be operated toward only one direction. It is required that you should install it by caring the information on the belt you purchased relevant to direction of operating.  

My system is constantly breaking the coated belts into pieces?

In such a case you should care where your coating was broke into pieces and it may have to go diagnosis.  Choosing the right coating for your system is a quiet complicated process. It is necessary to care many specifications you use in your system such as solvents, start stops, direction of operating, dustiness rate, etc. Please contact us for diagnosis of your system.

Can I make coated any coating I desire at height I desire on all material?

We can coat any product you desire with coating material you desire till the height you desire. However there are maximum operating heights for each kinds of coating, we recommend you to design your system by caring those.

Profiled Belts

What are our profile options in profiled belts?

There is our existing database relevant to profiled belts. You can choose your profile in here. If you cannot find the profile in your desired properties, profiles in any form that you want can be produced.

Some of profiles of my profiled belt broke; can these be bonded again on the belt?

Such operations can be made upon very urgent requests. However we say our customers to avoid as far as from such applications for the health of their systems.

Tapped Belts

Can special produced ones in tapped belts haul the power as much as self tapped ones?

Powers the special produced tapped belts can haul are too close to self tapped belts. However of course it is necessary to use self tapped belts compulsorily in some special systems. You can consult us before you decide which one you will use.

Vacuum Belts

What do I need to pay attention in vacuum belts?

Vacuum belts take a very critical place in systems. It is necessary to be punctured of holes on vacuum belts with a great care for the health of your system. If any disorder occurs, the product vacuum belt vacuums can depart from the belt and cause you to stop your system.

Pin-Joint Belts

Where Pin-Joint belts are used?

Pin-Joint belts are used usually in systems where installation is hard. It is a belt which is frequently used in new systems due to being its installation is easy and installation time is short.

Pins in joints of my Pin-Joint belt bended, from what it may arise?

Even if making of Pin-Joint belts seems too easy, in fact it is a special type production which requires being made with upper-class tools and materials. Consequently, paying attention to certification of productions of where you purchase your pin-joint belts is important for the health of your system.

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